2023 07 20 Release 202307R1

Posted on July 20, 2023 by Mike Kershaw / Dragorn ‐ 

Kismet 2023-07-R1

Trying to get this out just before WWWD and Defcon, the hugely overdue next release of Kismet is here.


You can get the 2023-07-R1 release from the Kismet downloads page, where you can get both the source and packages for several distributions.

Changes and Updates

This release rolls in a number of fixes and improvements, collected over the past year, including:

  • New dark mode in the web UI!

  • New page-based device list in the web UI

    The old device list was always slightly odd & could get in states where the JS did not update as expected. The new pager UI addresses this & brings a big performance boost.

  • Fixes to channel listing

  • Fixes to remote capture in some situations

  • Optimizations to the field tracking system

  • Improvements and fixes to WiFi 6e channel processing and numbering

  • Fixes and general improvements to the order of operations when configuring WiFi interfaces on Linux for monitor mode

  • Inclusion of the Hak5 WiFi Coconut userspace drivers and capture

  • macOS builds via Brew

  • Transition to using emphemeral JWT signing for login management instead of a state file

  • Increased live censorship in the Web UI when ?censor=1 is passed

  • Fixes to Python-based websockets not loading SSL contexts

  • Upgrade a number of internal libraries for the Web UI and internals

    New graphing libraries

    New datatables version

    New robinhood hash

    Upgraded font-awesome

    Upgraded libfmt

    New moodycamel queue

  • Fix long-standing bugs with field selection and summary in the API requests

  • Add new display of thermal state on supported systems (linux)

  • Revamp how rtl433 devices are mapped, split into sensors/meters/etc

  • Handle power meter via rtl433

  • Revamp sensor/meter UI to carry much more informaiton

  • Revamp IO system loops and locking patterns entirely to address hangs in some situations

  • Add packet id and checksumming to pcap-ng exports

  • Fix linux-capture-wifi following symlinks in /tmp

  • Better NMEA handling

  • Support libpcre2 now that pcre1 is deprecated

  • Massive speed improvements in packet processing due to removal of dissection chain chokepoints

  • Revamp of packet de-duplicaton system

  • Add tx/rx packet counts per device

Known issues

  • Web UI may not scale properly on window size change

    Due to how the JS and table code calculates the size of the UI, it often does not scale properly when the window size changes (such as changing from internal to external monitor, etc).

    For now, this can be fixed by reloading the web page.


If you’re looking to package Kismet, have a look at the packaging guidelines.


As always, a tremendous thank you to all the supporters on Github Sponsors and Patreon