Release 2022-08-R1

Posted on November 12, 2022 by Mike Kershaw / Dragorn ‐ 

Kismet 2022-08-R1

It’s summer camp season again, and that means squeezing a new release out just in time.

Kismet 2022-08-R1 is live!


You can get the 2022-08-R1 release from the Kismet downloads page, where you can get both the source and packages for several distributions.

Changes and Updates

This release is mostly focused on speed and stability improvements, including some significant speed fixes to regressions in creating new device records in busy environments. There are a few new features though:

  • Initial support for Wi-Fi 6e support

    6GHz channels now have initial support, and can be captured from. 6e APs will show up in Kismet, but currently the UI won’t classify them quite right.

    For Intel based 6e cards, you must run iw dev <xyz> scan before starting Kismet! Intel ignores the regdb and will only enable 6GHz channels after a scan!

    For other cards, you must set the regdomain to US via iw reg set US.

  • GPS magnetic heading support on hardware which provides it

  • New graph line in packets UI showing the packets per second processed

  • New BPF filter programs for wardrive and remote capture mode

    Greatly reduce the CPU load for capturing only AP records (and not data / clients)

  • Fix 802.11r records not being initialized which could cause a crash

  • Initial support for modern droneID v2 data

Optimizations include:

  • Significant reduction in temporary smart-pointer objects which aren’t needed

  • Significant speed improvrements to creating new fields and components

  • Shifting more operations to compile-time constants

  • Parallel sort algorithms on C++17 systems

  • New, optimized packet chains

  • RAM optimizations by reducing number of empty records created

  • Many many more death-by-a-thousand-cuts improvements to performance


If you’re looking to package Kismet, have a look at the packaging guidelines.


As always, a tremendous thank you to all the supporters on Github Sponsors and Patreon