GPSD is a service which parses GPS data from a wide range of GPS vendors, including several binary protocols which normal NMEA parsers cannot decode.

Modern GPSD is a solid option for controlling most GPS receivers.

Extremely old distributions or versions of GPSD (prior to 2015 or so) may have various issues. Kismet still supports the now-ancient GPSD text protocol, but will default to the modern JSON protocol.



To determine the proper path to your GPS unit, look below in the device options.

GPS options

Common options

name={ name }

Set an arbitrary human-readable name for the GPS. This will be used in the Kismet GPS logs.

reconnect={ true } / { false }

Automatically attempt to re-open the GPS if an error occurs or the connection is interrupted.

This is enabled by default.

GPSD options

host={ hostname-for-gpsd }


Hostname to connect to; typically this will be localhost

port={ port }


Port number for GPSD. Typically this will be 2947